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Crowns are a classic dental solution that can serve a wide range of purposes, from restoring a damaged tooth to putting the finishing touches on a dental implant. Justin B. Jones, DDS, and the team of dental professionals at Jones Family Dental in Tyler, Texas, provide high-quality crowns that keep their patients’ smiles looking and feeling excellent. To learn more about how Jones Family Dental can improve your oral health with a dental crown, schedule an appointment today by calling the office or request a consultation online.

Crowns Q & A

What is a crown?

A crown is an artificial tooth cap your dentist places on top of an existing tooth root structure or dental implant.

Crowns can serve a variety of functions, such as finishing off a tooth replacement (in the case of a dental implant) or reinforcing the structural integrity of a tooth that’s suffered severe damage or decay.

A finished crown feels and functions like a natural tooth. Depending on the material you choose for your crown, it can look like a natural tooth and seamlessly blend in with the rest of your smile.

Why do I need a crown?

Dr. Jones and the team at Jones Family Dental use crowns for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • To protect a weak tooth from further damage
  • To replace a portion of a tooth with significant decay
  • To improve your ability to speak or chew
  • To help restore function in a tooth that is severely worn down
  • To improve your smile by replacing an unsightly tooth

Jones Family Dental typically uses crowns after a root canal in order to restore and reinforce the strength and structure of the treated tooth.

What is the process of getting a crown?

All it takes to install your high-quality crown are two visits to the Jones Family Dental office. At your first visit, Dr. Jones numbs your tooth and the surrounding tissues with a local anesthetic before making room on your tooth for the crown by shaving off some of its enamel.

Once he finishes preparing your tooth, Dr. Jones takes an impression of your smile using dental putty. He sends this impression off to a local lab that custom-builds state-of-the-art crowns for Jones Family Dental.

Your crown is designed to restore strength and function to your damaged tooth while seamlessly blending in with the rest of your smile.

You’re sent home with a temporary crown and come back for a second visit when your permanent restoration is back from the lab. During this second visit, Dr. Jones removes your temporary crown, cleans your mouth, and fits the permanent crown in place.

After checking to ensure that the crown fits comfortably in your bite, he permanently seals it in place with a dental sealant.

You’ll leave the office able to chew, speak, and smile as if your natural tooth had just grown back on its own.

Don’t wait any longer to get your crown. Schedule an appointment with Jones Family Dental today by calling the office or booking a visit online.